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Flava Flav Sues Bandmate Chuck D for Missing Royalties!

It looks like the Public Enemy reunion has sparked more than just good music there's a lawsuit thrown in just for good measure! We all know that Flava Flav is no stranger to the courtroom as he's had to defend himself against DUI's, child support and even that one domestic violence charge but this time, he's not on the defense. Flava Flav is suing his bandmate, Chuck D, for unpaid royalties!

In court documents obtained by TMZ:

"Flav says he and Chuck have a long-standing agreement to share profits from their music, live concerts and merchandise -- but he hasn't seen a royalty check in several years. Flav says he co-wrote more than 50 of the group's songs, and he's especially pissed because Chuck's still getting paid.What's worse ... the rapper claims his voice and image were used without his consent on the new PE album, "Nothing Is Quick in the Desert" ... released in June. Flav says he requested $75k for the record, but only got $7,500. He thought he was going to get the remainder later, but it never came.Flav's also going after producer Gary G-Wiz for making a deal to create action figures of Public Enemy without his knowledge. In the suit, Flav says Gary got cash from the toy company, but he got zilch.Flavor Flav's suing Chuck, Gary and several other PE managers and producers for lost profits and to stop using his mug to make a buck. We reached out to Chuck, but no word back."

Hopefully this will all get sorted out soon because, as we know, Flav doesn't need anybody messing with his money! He's got way too many kids!

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