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Day 2 and Chyna Remains Unbothered But Rob May be in Trouble!

Well, it looks like the dust has settled from the windstorm that Rob Kardashian stirred up yesterday concerning Blac Chyna. If you aren't up to date on their foolishness, I'll give you a brief run down of what's been going on. Blac Chyna used to date a guy named Tyga and they had a son together. Tyga left Chyna to begin a relationship with Rob Kardashian's younger sister, Kylie Jenner. In the ultimate hustle move, Chyna began a relationship with Rob and had a baby with him. Allegedly out of spite according to Rob. The minute Kylie and Tyga were no longer an item, Chyna packed her bags and moved on to the next guy. Fed up with her two-timing ways, Rob took to his Instagram and Twitter pages yesterday and pour ALL of Chyna's tea all over the internet for the world to see! If you missed it, don't worry. It's right HERE!

All caught up? Ok, good! Today is a new day and Rob has been pretty silent. Probably because what he did yesterday put him in quite a bit of hot water. It seems that it's illegal in the state of California to share the nudes of someone else and you could actually face a little jail time for it!

via NYDN:

Lisa Bloom — who won a revenge porn case involving actress Mischa Barton last month — believes Kardashian’s actions violated a law that was instituted in California in 2013 that spells out what the court considers to be revenge porn after he shared three nude images apparently of his former fiancée to Instagram as he accused her of cheating on him.

“Revenge porn is illegal in CA and it certainly appears to me that Rob has violated this criminal law,” Bloom, who is based in Los Angeles, told the Daily News.

The aforementioned law lists the legal definition of revenge porn as a person having an image of an “intimate body part of another identifiable person, or an image of that person engaged in sexual intercourse, sodomy, oral copulation or masturbation.”

The person then must intentionally distribute the image despite there being an understanding that it be kept private, and do so with the intention of causing emotional distress. The distribution of the image then must lead to the other person’s emotional distress.

As of Wednesday afternoon, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department had not opened an investigation.

Let's hope Rob makes it out of this without having to do jail time. A nice hefty fine would suffice especially since Chyna has always been about the coins!

To further prove that she's unbothered, Chyna and her new boo posted a few intimate photos on Instagram this morning. Take a look below.

Ok, give me your honest opinion. Do you think this is going to play out well for either of them or do you think Rob is headed to court? I don't have one single clue but I'm enjoying the tea while it's hot! Let's toss around a few theories in the comments below!

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