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OMG! Missy Elliott "I'm Better" Remix

Missy Elliott just dropped the remix to her single "I'm Better" and, even though it's hard for her to top herself, this remix is FIRE! The "I'm Better" remix features female rap heavy hitters Li'l Kim (come through and slay one time Queen), Trina (giving us all of her usual raunch) and Eve (climbing out of the marriage bed to serve)! This remix sounds exactly what it is, new verses by rap favs on a sick beat!

I haven't heard new music from either of these women in quite a while but they all came back with a vengeance for this one! The song is simple but still reminds you youngin's not to count out these 90's rap greats! They came through just to let us know that they ALL still got IT! And by IT, I mean talent, bars, a possible ghost writer, you name it!

The original single already has an official video and I can't wait to see if the ladies band together to add visuals to this remix. Take a listen to the original version and the remix below!

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