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Say Whaaaat?!?! San Antonio Police Officer Punches Teen Girl!

An unidentified teen girl, who was attending a quinceanera over the weekend was manhandled and what appeared to be punched by a San Antonio police officer. It all began when two men, who were also attending the party, got into a fight inside of the party venue which led to the entire group of party-goers being asked to leave the property. Once the crowd was outside, things went from bad to worse. When the police arrived it was reported that they attempted to disperse the crowd when the unidentified girl ALLEGEDLY assaulted a police officer.

Witnesses to the altercation claim that the girl did not assault the officer and it is not visible in the video footage taken during the chaos. What IS visible is the girl standing, possibly speaking, and then the police officer assaulting HER! The video only shows the portion of the event involving the girl but sources say that her mother, who attempted to interfere, was choked at the scene as well. This isn't the first time that a San Antonio police officer has been violent with a civilian. According to THEIR OWN investigative reports, San Antonio PD rarely use force BUT are 78% more likely to use violence with African-American, Latinx and other people of color.

The girl was arrested and charged with assaulting a peace officer, her mother was not charged and the officer in question? Well, we'll see how this goes. Watch the video below and post your thoughts!

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