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104-year-old Michigan OB/GYN Admitted to Using His Own Sperm to Father Hundreds of Children!

Lord have mercy this one takes the cake!

A, now 104-year-old, Michigan Obstetrician has not admitted to fathering hundreds of children with women who were his patients. This is how he got found out. A woman by the name of Jamie Hall decided to trace her roots and, in doing so, she took a DNA test. Hall, who took the DNA test via, got the results that pointed to her mother's physicianDr. Philip Preven, being her biological father and NOT the man she was raised by. Hall went to find the doctor who she prayed was still alive.

Hall did some searching and found out that Preven WAS still alive and exactly where he was living. True to the cause, she showed up on his doorstep.

“I said did you ever think that DNA would bring back all your biological children to you? And he said, 'oh, no,'” she says after she went to his home to ask him about the DNA results.

Hall says she wasn’t the only person who took a test. Shortly after, she received a call from a half brother.

“He had done more research in this and said, you have another half brother that you can call today. It’s his birthday and he’d love to get a sister on his birthday,” Hall said.

Preven told Hall that he wasn't the only doctor who used his own sperm to inseminate patients back in the day saying "it was a group of doctors who were doing this for decades." Hall's parents went to the race Hospital in Detroit in the ’50s because they were having a difficult time conceiving. Instead of using the sperm of Hall's intended father, Preven switched their sample with a fresh sample of his own and the couple conceived. Hall said her parents never knew of the switch and they have both since passed away.

“He said, 'I was on the cutting edge, a pioneer... to be doing what I was doing at my practice,'” Hall recalled.

But it was when Dr. Peven’s grandson matched with Hall and showed up as her half nephew. It was all the proof she needed. Hall says Dr. Peven admitted to fathering her and potentially hundreds of children over his 40-year career.

Hall recalls what Dr. Peven said to her regarding a comment that came from his daughter once. He told Hall that she said, "Dad, you could have hundreds, maybe thousands of kids."

Dr. Peven said he responded to her saying, "I guess that’s true. I started donating sperm in 1940s.”

Hall says she’s not angry and she wanted to come forward because she says everyone born from a donor doctor has a right to know who their parents are and encourages others born through the ’50s to ’80s to take a DNA test."

This is both heartwarming and bizarre! There's no way this would fly if this man wasn't over 100 years old and already retired. We've seen countless Lifetime movies about this subject and never would have guessed that it was more common than that one random case!

We're glad she got a happy ending but this is illegal!


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