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Woman Makes a Confession to Her Pastor that Lands Her in Jail for Attempted Murder.

In May of last year when 44-year-old Peggy Valentine broke into a woman's home, and stabbed her with a box cutter, she sought council with her pastor. The only problem there was her pastor is a sheriff’s office major.

According to WBRZ, at around 4am Valentine broke into the woman's apartment and began cutting the victim while she was asleep, leaving the woman with multiple injuries. The victim was able to fight off Valentine then fled the home. She was taken to an area hospital, treated and released.

Valentine's attorney's argued that she was invited into the woman's home because there was no sign of forced entry. They say Valentine had gone to the woman's apartment to "make amends" with the victim who had just given birth to a baby fathered by Valentine's fiance'.

“When she found out about the baby, she went to the house with a relative and brought the baby some clothing,” Valentine's attorney David Belfield III said. “In her mind, they’re still trying to work the relationship out.”

Ascension Parish Assistant District Attorney Brant Mayer, who prosecuted the case, said Valentine broke into the house and attacked the woman while she was sleeping in her bed. Belfield argues Valentine was let inside the house before the women got into a tussle. After Valentine left, the woman was taken to a hospital and treated for injuries.

Valentine reportedly called her pastor who happens to also be a Major for the Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office. He then advised her to go talk to investigators. Her attorney says she voluntarily went to speak to them because she believed she had only defended herself.

“It was obvious they had interrogated Peggy for a moment. She was very, very distraught at the time. She stopped talking to him, shut down and demanded to speak to her pastor,” said Belfield.

It was during this conversation, with another deputy in the room, that Valentine spoke freely with her pastor. She never clarified whether he was there officially or as her pastor when she admitted to going to the house to try to catch her fiancé with the other woman.

Valentine's legal council tried to get that confession thrown out of court but the presiding judge allowed it. The judge ruled there was no expectation of privacy since she wasn’t alone with her pastor. The judge allowed the jury to hear the confession multiple times. The jury returned a guilty verdict on home invasion and attempted first-degree murder.

Valentine is currently being held at the Ascension Parish Jail in Donaldsonville. The judge ordered pre-sentencing on December 30th. A sentencing date is set for February 27th.

Let this be a lesson to everybody, GET CLARIFICATION BEFORE SPEAKING and talk to your pastor alone! Better yet. . . don't do stuff like this!


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