What Was That About? Will Smith Seemingly Smacks the Taste Out of Chris Rock's Mouth at the Oscars!

Whew Lord we have no idea what just happened but it was definitely. . . something. During tonight's Academy Award celebration, as Chris Rock was preparing to introduce the nominees for Best Documentary Feature, he did what every comedian does, took the stage and cracked a few jokes. He surveyed the room, singling out different celebs and poking fun at their movies. When his eyes fell on Jada Pinkett-Smith he made mention of waiting to see her in a "G.I. Jane 2". We don't know if he was referencing her shaved head but, one can only assume so. Pinkett-Smith has shared with the public her recent struggles with losing her hair due to alopecia.

Immediately after he cracked the joke, the camera panned to Pinkett-Smith who could be seen rolling her eyes. Her husband, Will Smith, had a disturbing smile on his face and then he could be seen walking toward Rock who was on stage. The show had been full of surprises so, a lot of us presumed that it was pre-planned. It wasn't. Rock said "whoa" as Smith seemingly hit him in the head, turned and walked back to his seat, wearing the same expression on his face.

Stunned, Rock remarked "I just got smacked by Will Smith" to which Smith replied, loudly from his seat, "Keep my wife's name out of your F***ing mouth!" Rock then said "It was a G.I. Joke". Smith repeated his comment. Rock, trying to recover, tried to make light of the situation but, the energy in the room had changed and everyone was quiet. Of course, the profanity was cut from broadcast audio.

Rock called off the names of the nominees and presented the award to Quest Love for his documentary "The Summer of Soul". When Quest Love accepted his award, it was hard for him to speak. Whether he was overcome by his win or shaken by the preceding incident, it isn't clear.

There's no word on how the situation panned out as of yet.


Smith won "Best Actor" for his film "King Richard" and apologized to The Academy but not to Chris Rock.

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