We NEED to Talk About Kanye.

Normally, we here at The Chatty Passenger try to stay out of folks personal lives. Especially when it comes to matters of the heart or mental health but, we can't keep letting this one slide.

We NEED to talk about Kanye.

We didn't want to be yet another blog talking about Mr. West for the sake of clickbait or just to hop on a trend. We are genuinely concerned.

As a company comprised of mostly women we've been terrified over his actions, ploys and antics for quite some time. It's been like watching an episode of a show where they jilted lover just won't give up until no one can have you. It's giving 90's Lifetime movie only, the woman on the receiving end has millions of dollars and can pay for heavy security.

We will admit, divorces can be messy but this one, this one has gone beyond the realm of messy and entered into something more terrifying.

Kanye West has been VERY vocal about his desire for him and his estranged wife, Kim Kardashian, to be reunited. That would be all fine and dandy if it weren't for the paths he was taking to seemingly get there. One minute West is posting wild captions on social media (that have since been deleted) and the next he's asking for divorce advice.

These tangents would be enough for any woman to feel exhausted with the situation but, could you imagine being in the public eye while going through all of this? Kanye hasn't just been posting random rants aimed at Kim Kardashian, he's also posted some screenshots of private conversations where Kardashian expresses concern for her safety and the safety of Pete Davidson, the man she's currently dating.

Kardashian has addressed the issue with West publicly on very few occasions. She posted a lengthy test to Instagram calling his attacks "hurtful" and saying "Divorce is difficult enough on our children and Kanye's obsession with trying to control and manipulate our situation so negatively and publicly is only causing further pain for all."

When is enough enough? We've posted countless news stories where women are stalked and oftentimes killed by their jilted ex-lovers. There was Deborah Romo who was set on fire by her ex. Pregnant women like Kassandra Candell and Shatica Hixson who were both killed by the fathers of their children and Elizabeth Garrow, also pregnant, who was killed by her husband. All these women wanted was to move on with their lives after a break-up. Do you know the only thing that separates these women from Kim Kardashian? Millions of dollars and tight security.

No, we're not saying that West would potentially hurt Kardashian but, we've seen this type of behavior before. To make sure that we weren't over-reacting, we reached out to several readers to ask their opinions on the subject and, what we received confirmed our beliefs. West needs help.

One reader said "Ye is a narcissistic gaslighter and I’m scared for Kim!" she went on to say "he gaslights. By trying to make Kim think she’s not remembering things correctly and make her look crazy to the world." Referring to West's purchase of the home across the street from the one that Kardashian bought for herself and their children she said, "He says it’s for the kids, right? Let’s not forget he left these same kids and moved to Wyoming. Started dating what’s her name and all of a sudden Kim had a man and he wants to co-parent so closely??"

"How you want to be with your kids but left your kids? You are fighting for your family back but actively DATING?! He’s trying to make her think that if she takes him back he will stop harassing her. I’ll stop degrading and bashing you on social media if you take me back. He wants his family back but every single thing he says to the media about her is terrible."

Another reader shared the following post with us and said that it sums up her thoughts perfectly.

This could never be a laughing matter and the fact that there are tons of people who are cheering, sneering and egging this behavior on is unsettling. If you really love the genius that is Kanye West, pray for him and pray that whatever stronghold that is binding him be loosed so that he can be freed.

This man is a musical and entrepreneurial powerhouse and it is sad to see him controlled and bound by something that has expired. West and Kardashian have four young children who are caught in the middle of a nasty, public, divorce and it is the children who will suffer the most when all of this is settled and done. Erase it as much as he'd like (yes, he's scrubbed his social media) but things put on the internet will live on forever.

Seriously, pray for Ye'.

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