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Abusive Husband of Slain Pregnant Wife Has Finally Been Charged with Murder.

Last month we reported that 19-year-old Elizabeth "Lizzie" Garrow had gone missing under suspicious circumstances. The pregnant young mother had recently separated from her controlling husband George McDonald, 24, and had gone to meet with him at an area Dunkin Donuts. The pair were seen on surveillance footage together but Garrow never returned home.

Garrow's family told police that the couple met on Facebook earlier this year and McDonald quickly proposed to, and married, Garrow. They say that McDonald became controlling and "forced" Garrow to have his name tattooed on her body.

The family said that Garrow had been taken to the hospital after McDonald allegedly punched and choked her just weeks before her death. It was during the hospital exam that Garrow learned she was pregnant with McDonald's baby. Her family says that at first, McDonald didn't believe her but made her take multiple pregnancy tests. When they proved to be positive he'd said he was happy about the baby. That happiness didn't last long.

Although their whirlwind romance was short lived, Garrow, who already had a one-year-old child, decided to meet with McDonald to discuss their unborn child she was carrying. That was the day she went missing and, as the police later confirmed, was murdered.

McDonald was arrested on unrelated charges days before Garrow's body was found in an area park. Now, he's officially facing murder charges as more details are revealed.

According to reports the Madisdon County Assistant District Attorney Bob Mascari "confirmed that the murder weapon had been found near Garrow’s body, that she had been pregnant and that her husband - who is accused of killing her - made statements to investigators."

Mascari also revealed that deputies found a knife approximately 15 feet away from where Garrow’s body was found. The knife has been “tested," according to Mascari. He did not say what evidence may have been found on the knife but, it is believed to be the murder weapon.

During questioning McDonald didn't make any statements admitting to the crime but, he did have several "helpful statements" that police believe will hold up in court.

According to arrest records, McDonald is facing the following charges:

  • Second-degree murder

  • First-degree assault

  • Third-degree criminal possession of a weapon

  • Criminal obstruction of breathing or blood circulation

  • Aggravated criminal contempt

  • First-degree criminal contempt

He doesn't deserve to ever see the light of day again.


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