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KeKe "Keep a Job" Palmer Announces She Has a New Book on the Way Entitled "Master of Me". “This Book is My Honest Revelations of How I’m Staying Afloat."

Keke Palmer attends the 55th NAACP Image Awards. (Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images for BET)

If there's one thing Lauren Keyana "KeKe" Palmer is going to do, it's KEEP A JOB! The 30-year-old singer, actress, producer and entrepreneur announced today that she has written yet another book but. . . this one isn't about any of her fictional characters. It's about her life. "Master of Me" is a follow up to Palmer's 2017 literary release "I Don't Belong to You" is will take a deeper dive into her life as she's made revelations and how she's grown.

According to People, the entertainer will open up about her personal challenges with boundaries, forgiveness and worthiness, as well as her spirituality — and how she has learned to take control of her own life to better understand herself.

“I am looking forward to having this book out in the world because I know we are all dealing with the same things,” Palmer says. “We are all trying to love ourselves and learn ourselves.”

“This book is my honest revelations of how I’m staying afloat and my hope and desire is to not even necessarily ‘help’ readers but to share with them,” she continues. “Sometimes we all feel alone but we aren’t. And even those of us who seem to be doing well, still struggle.”

Palmer's entertainment network, KeyTV Network, made the official book announcement saying:

"Oh yes, the Virgo speaks. I’m not sure the next time I’ll write a book but this seemed like the right time to put my thoughts to paper. Writing this book scares me. When you write a book you are sharing who you are and what you are going through at that time. I’ve learned so much about myself this past year and though we don’t know each other and live unique lives, I feel we experience more of the same themes than we know. Our life doesn’t always work out the way we think it will. I’m excited to share the next chapter of my ever-growing journey in life with you all. I get real; the pain, the joy, the triumph, I’m not the same person anymore. I look at everything differently and that’s okay, we are the first generation with documented evidence of us growing in real time. The fear and awareness of that can be quite crippling, but I’m not afraid to check the temperature in every era. Last year I was a Big Boss, this year… I’m the Master, of me and you’ve gotta be the master of you. Let’s do it together."

Palmer, the mother of a one-year-old little boy, Leodis, has been a ray of sunshine and energy since she burst on the scene with a small role in the 2004 film "Barbershop 2". She is currently the host of the NBC game show Password, currently in its second season, and became the first woman to win an Emmy Award for Outstanding Host for a Game Show in 2023.

"Master of Me" is available now for pre-order here. It will be in bookstores November 19, 2024.



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