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Virginia Man Arrested for Allegedly Killing His 82-Year-Old Foster Mother.

Traivon McNulty, 20, had been on the run overnight for allegedly committing one of the worse crimes anyone could commit. WTKR reports that according to Chesapeake, Virginia police, McNulty allegedly killed his 82-year-old foster mother and then fled the state.

Police were called to McNulty's home on Narrow Street in Chesapeake's South Norfolk neighborhood on reports of gunfire. When they arrived they found the female victim, identified as Mary McNulty, dead.

"She adopted Traivon. She adopted him at 2 weeks old and she raised him until yesterday. Now he’s on the run," Joe Lymore said, Mary McNulty's son-in-law.

According to Lymore and other family members, the two got into a disagreement about Traivon's $200 a month rent being late.

"He was like, I’m go fix y'all this morning. I’m go show all y'all. It didn’t really register until he got back. When Traivon got out the vehicle, he proceeded to the house and my father-in-law started cutting the grass and that’s when heard the shots," Lymore said.

That’s when he says Traivon sped away in the family’s silver Chrysler Town & Country mini-van.

McNulty went on the run in the family's car but was caught in the early hours of this morning in Delaware. He surrendered and was arrested without incident.

McNulty's family says that Mary took great care of him saying "She fixed him three meals a day and washed his clothes and did all of that for $200 a month and that’s nothing. You can’t live nowhere cheaper than that. He’ll find out. The only place he’ll live cheaper than that is where he’s going when they catch him," Alfonso Ezzell said, Mary McNulty's nephew.

McNulty faces a homicide charge, along with felony firearm, domestic violence and grand larceny


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