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There's More to This Story. 3-Year-Old Who Died in Fire May Have Been a "Ritualistic Killing"!

Just days ago we reported on the suspicious death of Danielle Shanae Parnell, 30, who was found dead just days after her 3-year-old daughter died in a fire. Both deaths were ruled homicides but little details had been given about the manner in which they both died.

Baltimore authorities went to the home of Parnell on April 8, 2022 on a call concerning a mattress fire. When fire crews went to contain the flames they found the body of 3-year-old My'Royal Bennett in the basement of the home on the mattress that had been set aflame.

Just four days later, on April 12th, Parnell's body was found by a construction worker on I-95.

Now, Fox Baltimore is saying that Bennett's death could have been part of some type of ritual.

Their sources said a bible and other materials were found near the child's body.

On social media, Parnell posted often about astrology, tarot cards and new age mysticism. On TikTok and Facebook, she went by the nickname "Sudy Q Da Thug Goddess Witch".

"May every evil eye in your life go blind," a photo on her Facebook page reads. "No evil energy formed against me shall prosper. Every bad thing you thought about me will be rejected right back to you and you shall feel every bit of it."

Of course, with the suspicions surrounding their deaths, the authorities are looking in to every area of Parnell's life and they found some seemingly questionable posts on her Facebook page that reference past mental health challenges.

At the end of the day, these were someone's daughters, sisters, and loved one. We are praying for their family and the 7-year-old daughter that Parnell leaves behind.

Police have not released any information about a suspect or a motive in the deaths of Bennett and Parnell. Police have not said how Parnell died. The investigation is ongoing and anyone with information is asked to contact police at 410-996-7800. Callers may remain anonymous.


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