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The Donna Marie Kirkland-Littlejohn Memorial Foundation Hosts The Little Mermaid Movie Date! is proud to announce their partnership with The Donna Marie Kirkland-Littlejohn Memorial Foundation! This union hosted their first charity event entitled “A Movie Date with LoVetta” Saturday May 27, 2023. Seven children, and their guardians, were treated to a viewing of Disney’s “The Little Mermaid Live Action” film in 3D. The foundation provided funds to cover the ticket costs, concessions and gift bags for the children. This event was the brainchild of LoVetta Jenkins, the chief journalist at and on-air radio personality, after seeing the huge impact that the film’s trailer had on children of color.

“This was a great opportunity for brown and black girls, like my daughter, to be able to see such an amazing film. Representation matters! I loved the many ways that the movie included so many different representations, of not only race but, beauty. As a young girl, it’s important to see that beauty comes in different sizes, shapes and color.” remarked Selina Cotton who attended the event with her young daughter, Zoe.

The Donna Marie Kirkland-Littlejohn Memorial Foundation was organized by the children of the memorialized. “Our mother loved children, she loved the arts and she loved making people feel good about themselves. This is the perfect way to honor her memory.” Jenkins, Littlejohn’s eldest daughter, said. She continued saying “This event is just the first. We’ll be doing this again later this summer and in December when ‘The Color Purple’ debuts.” “If you were blessed to know Donna Marie Kirkland-Littlejohn then you’ll know she was a star herself and always doing something grand. We want to continue mom’s legacy” Cara Kirkland, Littlejohn’s youngest daughter, said.

Other sponsors of the event were Carol Brownlee-Julious and Tweet The Jeweler.

The Donna Marie Kirkland-Littlejohn Memorial Foundation is funded by the family and friends of the memorialized in order to facilitate events, scholarships and other charitable interests.


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