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Texas Man Shoots His Wife Dead in Front of Her 9-Year-Old Daughter!

Houston, Texas police have arrested a man that they say shot his wife dead in front of her young daughter.

The child, only identified by her first name, Azariah, said that her mother told her to call her grandmother. The child did as instructed and her mother, 29-year-old Jasmine McHenry, told the grandmother that her common-law husband had pulled a gun.

"She said he was going to shoot her. That's when I got in the vehicle and went over there," Cynthia Demerson, McHenry's mother, recalled.

Before she arrived, Thomas Wilson Alexander, 32, shot his wife three times in front of little Azariah.

Investigators say the deadly shooting happened on Sunday inside the victim's apartment at 2020 Bentworth Drive at about 7:55 p.m.

McHenry was pronounced dead at the scene.

"I told the police, 'My stepdad shot my mom,'" the little girl said.

Family members said the couple had been together for at least three years. They share a 3-year-old son, Ayden.

Alexander was arrested and held on a $1 million bond. A bond that is much higher that the $100,000 amount the state requested. The hearing officer said Alexander posed a danger to the community. It is not immediately known if Alexander had any other past violent offenses with anyone else. No motive has yet been released for this senseless murder.

McHenry's family has described her as a devoted mother and kind-hearted. Her family said they didn't see anything in Alexander that could have predicted such violence.

"I have no idea why he did it, and I want to know why he did it," Demerson said.

Demerson said she will now raise her two grandchildren. The family has organized a GoFundMe campaign to help with McHenry's final expenses.


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