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Singer Tyrese Releases a Soul Stirring New Single "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me"! [LISTEN]

We've all known that singer Tyrese Gibson, who is professionally known by his first name only, can always deliver a heartbreaking anti-love song but, we don't think he's ever done one like this. Fresh out of his second divorce, Tyrese went into the studio to cook up a new anthem for pain and loss. Featuring the phenomenal guitar strings of Lenny Kravitz and fantastic call-and-response background vocals of gospel singer Le'Andria Johnson, "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me" is arguably his best song yet. Check out these lyrics!

"Did you ever love me or was it the things I did for you?

Gave you all of my heart,

but I guess it wasn't enough for you. . .

When things got rough, you chose to run. I don't think you ever loved me.

Not like you said you did.

Wasted my time, you wouldn't try. I don't think you ever loved me.

And that's why you quit."

Listen to the full song below.

Tyrese said in a statement "I've never felt so vulnerable and exposed in a song. This is my life, this is my story, this what really happened. Lenny is an artist's artist. I am so grateful for his immense contribution. He connected with my vulnerabilities instantly and took the conviction and emotions of this song into new heights."

Produced by Brandon 'B.A.M.' Hodge and Tyrese, "Don't Think You Ever Loved Me" is the first single off of Tyrese's upcoming album "Beautiful Pain". Make sure you grab it when it drops!


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