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Roc Nation Drops "The Book of Hov" Exhibit Honoring the Career of Jay-Z at the Brooklyn Library!

If there's one thing we love here at The Chatty Passenger, it's BOOKS! Between everyone on staff, we've hosted book clubs, written books, visited author book signings and more than half of us are currently reading one book or another.

There's something else we love though, giving folks their "flowers" while they are living!

One person who, we feel, was long overdue for some public praise is no other than Shawn Corey Carter, or, as the world knows him, Jay-Z!

Raised in Brooklyn, NY, Jay-Z just received a truly high honor courtesy of his company Roc Nation and the historic Brooklyn Public Library.

The well known public library is now the home to an installation created by Roc Nation that celebrates the life and work of Shawn “JAY-Z” Carter. One of Brooklyn's most influential figures, JAY-Z has shaped and consistently redefined hip-hop, music and culture on a global scale. The Book of HOV features never-before-seen images, art and ephemera from the artist's archives, providing an unparalleled look at an extraordinary life and career. This free, immersive experience is one of the only installations of its scope to be housed in an active public space and features text, audio and curation by Roc Nation teams and partners.

The installation had its public debut and it was attended by Jay-Z's wife, Beyonce, and their oldest child, Blue Ivy Carter.

If you're in the Brooklyn area the exhibit is free to view but, the library does warn viewers that some areas of the exhibition are subject to capacity limits. When the exhibition is at capacity, visitors will have to wait to be admitted to the library.

If you're not in the area, you can view "The Book of Hov" on its official website complete with narration.


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