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New York Grandmother Dies Trying to Save Her Bedridden Granddaughter From Crazed Family Member!

A New York family has been torn apart after several members were murdered in the early hours of the morning.

Just before dawn, Queens police say that a family member was returning home just as a home health aid who was arriving to help take care of a resident of the home who has cerebral palsy and cannot speak or dress herself. When the two entered the apartment, they found three women, from one family, all dead.

All three women were stabbed multiple times in the head, chest and neck, with the oldest victim knifed in the back as well. A knife was recovered from a bathroom in the home, police said.

According to The Daily News, police initially said the victims were murdered in their sleep, sources said the deadly rampage was possibly ignited by a family argument.

The building’s landlord reported hearing loud noises early Friday between 2:30 and 3:30 a.m., with the suspect speeding way from the home about an hour later inside his grandmother’s 2004 Toyota Sienna, sources said.

Video cameras captured the suspect fleeing through Queens before crossing the George Washington Bridge and heading south.

Police arrested Jabari Burrell, 22, after he ran out of gas on the interstate while fleeing the scene of the crime. Burrell allegedly confessed to police after he was read his rights and admitted to killing his aunt Patrice Johnson, 26, his step-aunt Latoya Gordon, 47, and his grandmother Hyacinth Brown-Johnson inside their single family home on 182nd St. near 146th Drive.

A family friend told the New York Post that Brown-Johnson apparently threw herself over her bedridden step-daughter.

“They found Hyacinth hovering over Patrice in her bedroom like she was protecting her. Hyacinth had a lot of defensive wounds. She was fighting for Patrice and herself,” the friend said. “It’s heart wrenching. It’s like putting a dagger in the heart.”

The friend also said that Patrice Johnson’s biological mother died of lupus when she was a child, and Hyacinth later married her father and pledged to take care of the girl and keep her out of a nursing home.

“She really loved this child,” the friend said.

“I can’t get my head working right,” said Donna Hewitt, a cousin of Johnson. “It was hard to believe. And now I’ve seen it, and it is real.”

According to sources, Burrell possibly suffered an unspecified trauma about a year ago that sent him off the deep end and his surviving relatives into mourning their late matriarch. He is being held with charges pending.


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