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Mother's Sick Boyfriend Murders Her One-Year-Old Baby and Sodomizes Him with a Toothbrush!

We've been adamant about being mindful who you leave your children with since the inception of this blog. There have been countless cases that we've had to report over the years. This case, we will warn you, has horrific details.

Back in September a one-year-old baby boy died at the hands of his mother's boyfriend. Reports say that the baby was allegedly thrown and sexually assaulted because he "wouldn't stop crying".

Keishawn Gordon, now 24, was arrested back in September on charges of murder, manslaughter, aggravated sex abuse and sex abuse in the death of Legacy Beauford.

According to Pix11, "The defendant, Keishawn Gordon, allegedly carried out monstrous acts against defenseless one-year-old Legacy Beauford,” Bronx DA Darcel Clark said. “Gordon allegedly inflicted blunt force trauma on the child, leaving him with a lacerated liver, and allegedly sexually abused the infant. We will seek justice for the innocent child, who suffered so much.”

The Medical Examiner’s Office determined Beauford had suffered blunt force trauma injuries to the torso and a lacerated liver, which caused deadly internal bleeding, according to the criminal complaint.

Gordon told investigators he was frustrated the infant wouldn’t stop crying, court documents revealed.

“I wasn’t squeezing his stomach that hard. I was holding him up in the air and throwing him,” Gordon said according to the criminal complaint. “I was frustrated he wouldn’t stop crying. He kept throwing up. I mushed him. He was irking me.”

The District Attorney's office revealed in court yesterday that Beauford was “allegedly sexually abused…with a toothbrush,” a fact that was not previously known to the public.

At this point we don't even know what to say other than what we've said a thousand times in the past. PARENTS PLEASE STOP LEAVING YOUR CHILDREN WITH JUST ANYBODY. Gordon was living with Beauford's mother and says that he had been left alone with the baby a few times. We all know that it only takes ONE TIME for something catastrophic to happen. If you know that your significant other, or family member, has a short fuse, is impatient or harbors ill feelings toward you or your children (especially children who aren't theirs), we're begging you to not allow them around your children. Hell, you need to leave them too!

This baby did not deserve to die like this.


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