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Mother of Missing 2-Month-Old Kyon Jones Charged with Murder. Police Halt Their Hunt in Landfill!

This story has been suspicious from the very first moment that we reported it. Just days ago we first broke the story that two-month-old Kyon Jones was missing under strange circumstances.

The infants mother said in a video interview with a news outlet that she had awakened and her baby wasn't responsive.

Kyon's mother, now identified as LaDonia Boggs, said that she'd fallen asleep with her baby on her chest and when she woke up, he wasn't breathing. Boggs then said she felt afraid and spoke first by phone and then in person with a woman who asked her about Kyon’s whereabouts.

Boggs said she “got frustrated,” walked around the block and returned home.

“I came back in the house and got a blanket and his car seat, and wrapped it up and took it outside and just throwed it in the trash,” she said.

That story, although filled with holes, led police officials to search the local landfill in hopes of finding the newborn alive.

Today, they've called off their search and charged his mother with murder.

Although the police, and cadaver dogs, have been unable to find little Kyon's body, they feel they have enough evidence, especially with her video confession, to charge Boggs with murder. Police investigators say that the story Boggs told the news outlet was very similar to the initial story that she told them.

A man who identified himself as Kyon's father said he called the police after he hadn't been able to find his son and couldn't get a clear story from Boggs.

Boggs is still holding to her claim that she doesn't know where her infant son is and that is what is the most unsettling thing about this case. If the child were indeed deceased, his relatives should be able to memorialize him and lay him to rest.

We are so sorry for the trauma this family has had to endure.


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