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Mother of 3 Shot in the Face While Driving Home by Unhinged Woman Who Said She was Following Her!

Almost every single one of us has driven home and daydreamed at a red light. Most of us are thinking about dinner, some are thinking about what happened at the office and some of us can't wait to watch our favorite shows or see our favorite person. Two weeks ago Altovise McCloud was driving home, stopped at a stop sign and was thinking about her upcoming wedding. Typical thoughts about the guest list, the caterer, bachelorette activities. Then, she heard a horn behind her urging her to go but, she couldn't. The car in front of her wasn't moving. She waited patiently, with her window cracked to beat the heat when all of a sudden, the driver of the car in front got out.

That woman approached McCloud's car in a rage, screaming at her and accusing her of following her. McCloud had absolutely no idea who the woman was or what she was talking about. “I looked down and she had a pistol in her hand,’’ McCloud said. “I’m just calling God, Jesus, Lord.”

“I didn’t cuss her out because she had a gun in her hand,’’ she said. “I didn’t want to make her even madder.”

That woman, identified by police as 37-year-old Rebecca Armstrong, then pointed the gun at McCloud.

“Her face was so close,’’ she said. “When I looked back at her, she had the barrel of the gun just pointed at me.”

“I had my hands up and I was thinking this has got to be a dream,” McCloud said.

In a moment of disbelief, Armstrong shot McCloud. That bullet went through McCloud's hand, into her cheek, shattering her jaw, before it exited the opposite side.

The driver in the car behind McCloud got out of vehicle and ran away.

“She was terrified,’’ McCloud said. “She thought the lady was going to shoot her too.”

“But she was only fixated on me,’’ McCloud said. “Blood was everywhere. I’ve never seen so much blood. It was just pouring out of my face onto my lap.

McCloud threw her car in gear and tried to drive away but ended up in a ditch. Armstrong continued shooting at her car.

Eventually, McCloud was able to drive away after hitting another car.

“My car was clunking, clacking,’’ she said. “I was like please just let me get far away from her. I’m just praying.”

Her car stopped down the street, and others came to help her.

“They were taking off their shirts trying to hold pressure to my face,’’ she said. “I’m hysterical, I’m shaking. I couldn’t talk. I couldn’t breathe.” The bullet has also severely damaged McCloud's sinus cavity.

According to the arrest report, she was handcuffed and then “began crying uncontrollably” and said she wanted her brother. Ultimately, she asked for an attorney.

McCloud has had surgery to clear her face wounds, but they are trying to let it heal slowly and on its own so as not to alter her appearance.

“It was a bad spot, but it was the perfect spot,’’ McCloud said. “It may take a long time, but it will heal.”

McCloud will have surgery to repair damage to her hand when she is more stable. Right now, there is a GoFundMe campaign to help offset costs for McCloud as she recovers.

McCloud says she wants to ask Armstrong “Why?”

“I don’t understand why she would do this,’’ McCloud said. “When I looked in her eyes, she had on some Aviator sunglasses, but you could see her eyes, they were just fixated on me. It was evil.”



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