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Mother and Grandfather Found Murdered. Two-Year-Old Child Left in the Home Unharmed.

Police in the city of Chicago are searching for answers to a double homicide early yesterday morning.

Police responded to the 8100-block of South Drexel Avenue in East Chatham for a well-being check just before 11 a.m. When the arrived they found a woman and a man shot to death and a small child left in the home.

According to ABC7, the two victims have been identified as Javonni Jenkins, 27, and her father, Curtis Hardman, 79.

Jenkins was a medical assistant at Holy Cross Hospital. When she didn't show up for work, her coworkers knew something was wrong and started calling her. Jenkins' 2-year-old son, CJ, eventually answered the phone, they told ABC7 Chicago.

"No one was answering, so finally the baby answered. We tried calling again through FaceTime to see if he answered, and he answered," said Viviana, one of Jenkins' co-workers who was too distraught to show her face.

The colleagues had the toddler on FaceTime for several hours. They were the ones who initiated the well-being check after they didn't see Jenkins the entire call.

"The whole time I had the baby on the phone, he was very content, playing with his toys," said Nicole Worth, another of Jenkins' co-workers. "Once I had that baby on the phone and after a certain amount of time of no parents calling the baby, you don't hear that -- there's something wrong."

Once the co-workers got to the Far South Side apartment, that's when police discovered the mother and grandfather dead.

"We came a little too late," Worth said. "We saved the baby. That's all we could do."

Chicago Police believe that this was a singular event and don't think that there is a threat to the public. Right now, Jenkins' and Hardman's families are left with tons of questions, and no answers, There are no suspects and the case is still under investigation.


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