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Mckenna Grace Delivers the Heat in Lifetime's "The Bad Seed Returns"!

If you've ever seen the movies "Mr. Church", "Gifted" or "Troop Zero" then you're familiar with the sweet and angelic face of actress McKenna Grace. Well, our little darling has grown up and is quickly proving herself to be more than just America's little darling. She can be bad as well.

Grace has jumped back in the saddle to reprise her role as "Emma" in Lifetime's "The Bad Seed Returns" after shocking the world with "The Bad Seed" in 2018. She's still just as bad but this time, things are much more deadly.

Here's the official description:

The Bad Seed sequel stars Mckenna Grace as 15-year-old Emma, a seemingly typical teenaged girl who is anything but that. Set several years after the murderous events of the first movie which left her father (Rob Lowe) dead, Emma is now living with her aunt Angela and navigating high school. Angela’s husband begins to suspect that Emma may not be as innocent as she appears and suggests sending her off to boarding school. Meanwhile, a new girl at school seems to know Emma’s secrets, leaving Emma no choice but to slip back to her old ways and take care of her enemies by any means necessary.

The Bad Seed sequel is produced for Lifetime by The Wolper Organization and Front Street Productions. Mark Wolper (Bates Motel, Roots) serves as executive producer along with Mckenna Grace, Ross Burge and Crystal Burge. Louise Archambault (Catastrophe, This Life) directs from a script written by Barbara Marshall (Girl in the Basement), Grace and Ross Burge.

We got a chance to screen this movie and when we tell you it's good, IT'S GOOD! Watching this young actress evolve and mature into more adult roles is fascinating, especially in this type of film. Not too many young women can transition from the roles of their youth to the coveted teen roles that don't require giggling and gawking at boys but, Grace has pulled this one off effortlessly.

"The Bad Seed Returns" premieres on Lifetime, Monday May 30, 2022 at 8pm and it's perfect for those of us who will be spending Memorial Day indoors or winding down from the festivities. Join us on Twitter while we live tweet the movie @ChattyPassenger!


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