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Lifetime to Premiere "TLC Forever" This Saturday and it is #MUSTSEETV!

Forget everything you think you knew about T-Boz, Left Eye and Chilli because this new Lifetime documentary exposes the group in ways we've never seen before.

Told from an intimate and personal vantage point, the new documentary, titled "TLC Forever", puts historic events, personal pitfalls and private losses front and center. The film covers the frightening health challenges faced by Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins, the hard choice to terminate a pregnancy by Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas and the untimely death of Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes. This documentary is told in their voices, yes, even Left Eye's, and it is the equivalent of pulling back the veil and showing the world their most honest and true version on themselves.

“TLC Forever” chronicles the journey of the top selling American female group of all-time who led the way with their music, their message and their style. Executive-produced by Academy Award-winning and Emmy Award-Winning director Roger Ross Williams (“The Apollo”) and his production company with Emmy Award-winning producer Geoff Martz, One Story Up, this special will document the group’s powerful, emotional journey and their survival against all odds as T-Boz and Chilli tell their story for the first time in a feature documentary. The special will be directed by Matt Kay.

We've had a chance to screen the documentary and we have to say, THIS made us love and appreciate the women of TLC even more.

To hear them speak so candidly about their humble beginnings, T-Boz "shoplifting", Left Eye originally moving to Atlanta to join another group that failed and how Chilli was added to the group after their original third person, Crystal Jones (the original "C" of the group), was asked to leave. That task, left up to T-Boz and Left Eye, after their then-manager told them that one person, not being fully committed, can ruin a group.

Shortly after joining the group, Chilli was almost cut too! When TLC's manager, L.A. Reid's then-wife Pebbles, the same one who had them ditch Crystal, found out that Chilli and Dallas Austin, the group's producer, were dating, she lobbied for Chilli to be replaced! "They were holding auditions to replace me but never saw anybody that they liked," Chilli said. "I don't think anybody cared about the Dallas thing but Pebbles."

"TLC Forever" is a look at true sisterhood and how the love and bond that the group shared carried them through some of the darkest times both before and after Left Eye's death. This documentary shows the pressures that the women were under to recover, comeback and put out new music after the loss of Left Eye. An album that didn't perform well because they weren't in the right frame of mind to move on.

To this day Chilli says that she still speaks of Left Eye in the present tense because it's hard to say "I loved her. No, I still love her. Always."

"TLC Forever" will premiere on Lifetime Saturday, June 3 at 8p/7c.

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