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LeBron James Thanks Well-Wishes for Their Prayers as His Son Bronny Continues to Recover.

Just days ago we announced that LeBron and Savannah James' eldest son, Bronny, had gone into cardiac arrest while working out on his college campus. The 18-year-old is said to have been participating in a routine team workout session when he went into distress. His coaches and emergency responders went into immediate action to preform CPR and stabilize him so that he could be transported to an area hospital and cared for.

The teen was placed in the Intensive Care Unit for a time but was in stable condition. The revelation that Bronny had been admitted to the hospital shocked the nation and thousands of well-wishers, us included, began praying for him and sending him positive energy. Today, we've learned that those prayers are being answered.

LeBron James, himself, released a statement via social media saying, in part, "I want to thank the countless people sending my family love and prayers. We feel you and I’m so grateful. . ."

We're so grateful that Bronny is doing well but, we're going to keep him in our prayers!


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