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Rapper Jim Jones Gets into Wild Brawl on a Florida Airport Escalator with Two Men. He Claims Self Defense.

These days it always seems like there's someone who wants to get a little aggressive with a stranger and then get appalled when the consequences of their actions come crashing down on their heads.

Rapper Jim Jones was passing through a Florida airport when he got into a fight with not one, but two, men on a moving escalator. While it's not clear what started the altercation, we do know how it ended.

In video obtained by TMZ, Jones can be seen standing on the escalator in front of one of the men. The video starts with Jones turning around, picking up the man and slamming him down in front of him. That man seems to land on the leg of an older man in front of Jones who can be heard howling in pain.

The dust-up continues at the foot of the escalator where Jones continues to pummel the man he slammed. Another man comes up and begins to throw what he probably thought were punches at Jones' back. Take a look at this video and you decide if these were actual blows or not.

Jones is adamant that he was protecting himself and that he was jumped by both of the men. While it was definitely two other men involved in the fight, the punches that the second guy were weak as heck. We've seen toddlers with better hands.

Jones later posted a video to his social media pages saying that he was "fine" and needed to get ready for "this party" that he was in town for. So, with that knowledge we can assume that he wasn't arrested for his part in the altercation. Hopefully the person that recorded the incident, then sent it to TMZ, also told the authorities what really lead up to this.

When questioned by TMZ Hip Hop Jones said "I was minding my business and defended myself. They got what they were looking for.'

From the looks of the video, this was definitely a FAAFO situation. There is no word yet if anyone was arrested or just how much medical attention anyone needed. The only real victim we can see if the old man who got squashed in the melee.

Prayers to that man.


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