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Kirk Franklin Details a Traumatic Childhood and Hatred that Lead to Redemption in "Father's Day".

Grammy Award winning gospel artist Kirk Franklin has never been as transparent about his life as he has today. It has never been a secret that he was raised by an older church mother who adopted him. It has never been a secret that he had a childhood that many other children of the 80's experienced. Now, we get to see another side that is still familiar to many. A man who was searching for the truth about who he is.

Years ago, Kirk Franklin met the man that he had hated for the majority of his life, the man he believed had abandoned him and his mother. His father. The world publicly saw Franklin struggle with the knowledge of this man, battling within himself to forgive him and ultimately the man's death. Franklin says that the man he knew as his father "died believing that I hated him".

After the funeral, Franklin was hit with another blow. Another man was claiming to be his father. Like most children would, Franklin questioned his mother who was adamant that she didn't know the man and had never been with him. What unfolded afterwards was documented, in real time, while Franklin was recording his newest album. Those videos have now been put into a short documentary called "Father's Day".

This film just made us love Kirk Franklin even more! The hurt in his voice, the tears in his eyes, all made him more relatable to all of us.

If you have any doubts about God's love and how you can find peace in any storm, watch this again.

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