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UPDATED: Keyshia Cole's Sister, Elite, Reportedly Confirmed the Death of Their Mother, Frankie Lons.

If you've ben following the life and career of singer Keyshia Cole then you know all about the relationship that she has with her mother, Frankie Lons. The two have had a relationship that would go from rocky to stellar in a matter of minutes but, at the core of it all was their love for one another.

This morning Keyshia's sister, Elite, posted a message to her Instagram story referencing seeing her mother "in a body bag".

The message was posted this morning, July 19th, which also happens to be Frankie's 61st birthday. Fans of Frankie have been posting messages and birthday greetings all morning long with few of them aware of Elite's posting.

At this moment, no cause of death has been given and no official statement has been made by either Keyshia Cole or her sister Neffe. Neffe and Frankie had a spin-off show together on BET that chronicled their adventures and their healing as mother and daughter.

We're keeping the family in our prayers.


TMZ has reported that Frankie allegedly died from an overdose.

It was no secret that Frankie had a decades long addiction to drugs that seemed to be a winning/losing battle at times.

The R&B singer's brother, Sam, tells us ... Frankie overdosed at her Oakland home Sunday ... the same day she was celebrating her born day, when she apparently took drugs while partying -- relapsing on what we're told was a long, hard-fought journey to sobriety.

Sam says he was checking in with Frankie daily, trying to help her stay clean ... a well-documented battle that Keyshia and co. had captured and shared publicly in recent years ... via television, social media and other channels.

Sam also says the family wants the world to remember Frankie as someone who loved her kids, and who wanted her children to be together ... despite their turbulent history.

We are keeping this entire family in our prayers.


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