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It Be Your Own People! Volunteer Firefighter Hit with Multiple Arson Charges!

Sometimes the culprit of a crime is much closer than we tend to think!

A Tennessee town experienced a string of arsons that seemingly came out of nowhere. As it turns out, they were strategically planned by someone close to them!

According to their reports, in June, TBI agents began working alongside investigators in Humphreys County to investigate a fire that occurred in the 5500 block of Bakerville Road in Waverly. Following that fire, four others occurred between July 1st and July 8th at various locations in Waverly. Among the damaged or destroyed buildings are a church, Masonic Lodge, a former fire hall, and a vacant house. During the investigation, agents developed information identifying Leslie Roy Winchester. 19, a volunteer firefighter, as the individual responsible for the fires.

That's right, a young, volunteer firefighter was allegedly to blame for it all!

On Friday evening, authorities obtained warrants for Winchester, charging him with three counts of Aggravated Arson, three counts of Arson, six counts of Criminal Trespassing, and six counts of Vandalism over $10,000. This morning, he was taken into custody and booked into the Humphreys County Jail on a $1,746,000 bond. At this time, the investigation remains active and ongoing.

We're thankful that no one was seriously injured while Winchester was out living his childhood dream of fighting fires he set!


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