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Houston Suspect Targeted, Sexually Assaulted and Recorded 5-Year-Old Non-Verbal Autistic Boy!

Houston Police have arrested and charged a suspect in the assault of a 5-year-old non-verbal autistic boy. Authorities say that 23-year-old Kelvin Alexander Dias targeted the boy specifically because of his disability.

Dias is from Honduras and worked as a housekeeper in the area where the offenses happened. She allegedly posted videos and images of the assault, for purchase, online and that's what led to her capture.

According to KHOU, “Twitter became aware that there was sexually explicit content of child pornography coming from an account that was later identified to flow through the defendant Dias,” Assistant District Attorney Luke Baty said.

"Yes, the allegations are extremely serious -- in my opinion more serious than let's say a murder case cause the possible punishment for this is a minimum of 25 years with no parole. They're very difficult but it's important to understand my client is presumed innocent," Defense attorney Mario Madrid said.

Prosecutors believe that Dias was planning to return to Honduras before she was arrested and are grateful that they caught her before she did. Investigators are concerned there might be other victims. They said Dias mentioned another victim after being arrested but refused to identify the child.

The judge set bond for Dias at $1.2 million on charges of super aggravated sexual assault of a child, sexual performance of a child and possession of child pornography with intent to distribute.

Investigators urge parents whose children may have had contact with Dias to call the Houston Police Department at 713-830-0583.



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