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Houston Police, Shooting at Robbery Suspect, Critically Injure a One-Year-Old Baby with Head Shot!

On March 3, 2021 Daisha Smalls was at a gas station with her one-year-old son, Legend. Smalls said that she was pumping gas when she heard police sirens approaching. As she was finishing up, Smalls says an unknown man ran up to her and got in her unlocked car. The man demanded that Smalls give him her car but, she refused and actually got into the car with the man. Smalls said she was pleading with the man telling him she "wouldn't leave the car without" her baby.

It was at that point that the police pulled up on Smalls car. The man brandished a gun and the police opened fire. The man was shot in the chest and her baby was shot in the head.

According to CNN Houston police had a different telling of events, according to a March 4 statement from Executive Assistant Police Chief Troy Finner. Smalls was not in the car when shooting took place, Finner said.

The 30-year-old man in question was a suspect in two aggravated robberies who was already being chased by police when he jumped out of a car he crashed during the chase. The suspect -- who was armed with a gun -- then entered Smalls' car.

"Fearing for the mother's safety, one of our officers discharged his duty weapon, fatally striking the suspect," Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo said in a statement. "Sadly, baby Legend was also struck. Officers at the scene immediately rendered first aid to Legend."

Finner said he was not sure whether officers at the scene knew the baby was in the car.

The officer who fired the shot that hit the baby is a 15-year veteran of HPD and is "deeply concerned" about the baby and his mother. He has been placed on administrative duty while the investigation continues, Finner said.

Legend Smalls has been on a ventilator for 12 days and has had multiple seizures. Smalls' attorney Benjamin Crump asked "Why would they shoot knowing she was in the car? Not knowing who else was in the car. There could have been children, there could've been others in the car, but they shot," Crump added "Regrettably and tragically, little Legend will live the rest of his life with the consequences of their decision to shoot into his mama's car even though they knew she was in there."

Crump alleges the baby was a victim of reckless shooting triggered by racial bias.

"My baby didn't deserve this, my baby didn't deserve to be shot, especially not by the police," Smalls said. "I just want my baby to be safe. I just want my baby to be healthy."

Smalls is planning to sue the Houston Police Department and they have released the following statement saying in part that they are "hoping and praying for the full and speedy recovery of little one0year-old Legend Smalls" and that "this case is being investigated by the HPD SpecialInvestigations Unit and Internal Affairs Division."

We're praying that this baby receives a miracle healing. No person, especially an innocent child, deserves to be shot unwarranted. We understand that sometimes innocent people are casualties to these types of incidents but, we feel, the officers shouldn't have been shooting when they were unsure who was in the surrounding area. Or, better yet, shoot the assailant ONCE in a place that puts them out of commission.

Prayers for Legend Smalls.


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