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Georgia Mother Arrested After Viral Video Shows Her 12-Year-Old Son in the Trunk of a Moving Car.

A Georgia mother has been arrested after police say she was caught on video driving a car with her young son in the trunk.

Reports came in on Sunday, February 25, after an officer assigned to the West Precinct took a report from a woman who wanted to report a video she had recently seen on social media. In the video, that we made a TikTok duet with, you can see a child tucked away in the lower left side of a vehicle's trunk as it is being driven on a roadway. The boy is crouched down next to what appears to be a hanging laundry basket or other semi-solid basket that was clipped to the open trunk. The video was tagged with the location “Gwinnett County,” but it was unclear exactly where it was filmed or when the incident occurred. There were also out of state plates on the vehicle.

The Gwinett County Police Department issued a statement saying that the next day, Monday, February 26, they continued their investigation. A detective assigned to the Special Victims Unit was tasked with following up on the incident. Utilizing FLOCK, the same vehicle was seen in the area of Pleasant Hill Road and Shackleford Road in unincorporated Duluth on February 25. The child was also seen, on surveillance cameras present in the area, inside the vehicle's trunk as well.

The detective identified the registered owner and met with her on February 27 at her home in Duluth, GA, about eleven miles away. The item in the trunk turned out to be a baby bassinet recently purchased through an online marketplace advertisement, and the child (boy, age 12) was sitting in the trunk to help hold the item in place.

Now, we're not going to act like we've never moved furniture, or seen someone else move a large item, using the "put it on top of the car and hold it" method but, we've never seen this done with a child.

Diana Denise Shaffer, 36, was placed under arrest and charged with Reckless Conduct and a Seat Belt Violation. She was booked into the Gwinnett County Jail on February 27 at 6:38pm. Her son was temporarily placed in the custody of a family member until Diana bonded out of jail earlier this morning.

She will have a date in court to answer to her charges.


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