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Fugitive Used a Fake Name and Identity for 17 Years, Fooling His Wife, Finally Arrested in Detroit!

A man on the South Carolina "Most Wanted" list has finally been arrested after eluding police for over a decade!

According to reports, Antran Hall was originally tried and found guilty in Anderson County, South Carolina, for cocaine trafficking and failure to stop for police in 2006. He was placed on the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office’s “Most Wanted” list after twice failing to appear on warrants.

Hall fled from South Carolina and started a life in the northern U.S. He was able to live a peaceful life, even got married and had a number of children, all while hiding his past and his true identity. He kept a low profile, making sure to be very cautious but, as we all know, karma has a way of catching us all.

“Eventually, Mr. Hall made a mistake,” Deputy U.S. Marshal Doug Leslie added. “We were able to capitalize on his mistake, determine who he was and where he was.”

Leslie, along with other investigators, were able to place the home they presumed Hall to reside in under surveillance for a number of days and on this past Monday, they hit the jackpot!

“We saw an individual matching Hall’s description leave the residence, get in a vehicle, and they were able to stop him, identify him and take him into custody,” Leslie said.

“After 17 years on the run, the perseverance, dedication, and teamwork of our agencies resulted in the apprehension of one of Anderson County’s Most Wanted fugitives,” U.S. Marshal Chrissie Latimore said.

Now, Hall will face his past charges and the possibility of several new ones as well.

“For trafficking cocaine, there’s a wide range of sentences that could be handed down depending on the weight and if this is your first, second, or third drug charge,” John Reckenbeil, a civil and criminal defense lawyer, explained.

“He could be looking at up to 30 years as basically the max if it was the most amount of weight and the third drug trafficking charge. But, most of the time you’re looking at anywhere between seven and 10 years for trafficking.”

Hall is currently being held at the Wayne County Detention Center. He will be extradited back to South Carolina.


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