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Florida Mother Sent Videos Abusing Newborn to the Child's Father Saying ‘I’m stuck with this thing until she dies’.

Reyanna Icilma Thomas (Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center)

Videos, photos and text messages to an ex-boyfriend have landed a North Miami mother behind bars. Police say that the father of Reyanna Icilma Thomas' 2-month-old baby girl received videos and images of her beating and verbally abusing the baby over the weekend.

Just before 6:30pm on Saturday the child's father showed up at their local police station showing them his phone with messages from Thomas. In the phone there was video footage of Thomas striking the baby while simultaneously “yelling and cursing at the newborn.

The footage showed Thomas “forcefully” pushing the baby, who police described as appearing “frightened and afraid,” as she called the child a “dumb a — b—-,” the report states. She then sent a photograph of the newborn lying faceup on a bed with what appears to be a blanket on her nose and mouth. The blanket “appeared to restrict (the infant’s) breathing,” police reportedly wrote.

According to Local 10 News, those images and videos were followed with a text message saying:

“I’m stuck with this thing until she dies,” police said Thomas texted. “It makes me so sick that she doesn’t have a different father and I can’t love her because she has a part of you. I’m gonna enjoy my 20s. Left ur sperm in the house with a cat.”

She also told him she’d punch her daughter “dead in the face,” according to police.

After reviewing the texts and videos, officers went to Thomas' home. Following repeated attempts to get Thomas to answer her door, police, believing the child was in imminent danger, got a handyman to open the door to her apartment in the 12000 block of Northeast Fifth Avenue, the report states.

Police said the officer announced his or her presence and told Thomas to step outside. She did and was taken into custody.

The baby did not show any significant signs of abuse was cleared my Miami-Dade Rescue teams and removed from the home. It has not been made public where the child was placed.

Thomas was arrested on a charge of child abuse causing no great bodily harm. Thomas was no longer listed in Miami-Dade jail records as of Monday afternoon.


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