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Florida Man, Described as "Friend of the Family" Arrested for Assaulting Children. Some Under 12!

Marion County, Florida authorities have arrested a man they say sexually abused multiple children. Anthony Outar, 62, was said to be close to the families of the children when he groomed and assaulted them. At this moment, police believe there are at least four children, some of them under the age of 12, who fell victim to Outar and that there could be more.

According to WESH, “The victims described that he was a friend of the family, a trusted individual, and he would find ways to be alone with them, either offer to take them to the store or, in one case, to Chuck E. Cheese. And typically, while in his vehicle or in any other place that he was able to be alone with them, perhaps in an abandoned house,” said sheriff’s spokesperson Zach Moore. “In at least two of the cases, he would then sexually batter them once he had them alone. And typically, in his car, he would molest them as well.”

Moore said Outar was in jail a month ago. Law enforcement arrested him on August 3 after they learned about the first victim. They said with that first case, the judge decided to allow him the option to bond out.

At the time of his release, the public was not made aware that there were potential other victims nor were they fully made aware that there was a sexual predator in their area.

“With that initial first charge, the judge decided to allow him to still bond out without extenuating circumstances. However, through [our detective’s] investigation and the discovery of the other three victims, once the warrants were drafted in her warrant affidavit, she requested no bond because of active investigations of a heinous nature with these sex crimes. So at this point, he's in our jail without bond,” Moore said.

Outar faces multiple charges, including sexual battery, molestation and human trafficking for commercial sexual activity.

We strongly urge all parents and guardians to keep a watchful eye on people, not just adults, who spend time with their children.

Our prayers are with these victims.



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