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Ex-Boyfriend Arrested After Abducting and Allegedly Killing Hospital Nurse After Her Shift.

A Detroit family has some closure but plenty of unanswered questions after a man who claimed to once love their daughter has been charged with taking her life. Police report that the woman completed her shift at an area hospital and then was never seen alive again.

Patrice Wilson, 29, a nurse at Detroit Medical Center, was abducted Saturday morning, just after 7:30am, in the hospital's parking lot after finishing her overnight shift, Detroit Police Chief James E. White said at a news conference Monday afternoon. Details say that she was ambushed as she tried to enter her car by someone wearing a red or blonde wig as a disguise. Wilson's mother, Roslind Livingston, said that one of Wilson's friends had been on the phone with her at the time of the abduction. They told her mother that they heard her screaming then, the line went dead.

Wilson was reportedly attempting to enter her car, through the driver's side door when she was ambushed and forced over into the passenger's side. The assailant then sped off driving her car.

Wilson's body was discovered with multiple gunshot wounds Sunday afternoon inside the trunk of her SUV at an apartment complex in Novi, about 30 miles northwest of Detroit.

As customary, police started looking into anyone who would want to harm Wilson, rivals and failed romantic relationships. White said that after several search warrants were executed over the weekend, the suspect, Jamere Miller, 36, "feeling the pressure of this investigation," negotiated his surrender via his lawyer. He said Wilson was arrested at the Detroit Detention Center on Sunday afternoon. Miller is said to be romantically linked to Wilson, the mother of a young child, in the past.

"It's a tragedy that somebody like Ms. Wilson would be taken away from this world so young and so tragically in this horrific way," White said. "She was young and she had her whole life ahead of her. She was dedicated to serving and helping others as a nurse and putting others before herself. Ms. Wilson has been described as 'cherished' by her family and friends, and as well as her co-workers."

This investigation is ongoing.


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