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Disney's "The Little Mermaid" Live Action Film Comes in at #1 but Some Patrons are Upset Over Merch!

Disney's live action rendition of "The Little Mermaid" hit theaters with a major splash over the weekend and viewers have praised the performances. Halle Bailey was a perfect Ariel and, we must admit, as much as we love Melissa McCarthy, we were skeptical of her being cast as Ursula. However, McCarthy's Ursula WAS A HIT! Her rendition of the iconic song "Poor Unfortunate Souls" is absolutely astonishing!

You can hear the entire song here.

According to The Hollywood Reporter the live-action remake of the iconic animated film is headed for an estimated four-day domestic debut of $117.5 million, the holiday’s fifth-biggest opening of all time, according to studio projections. The three-day gross is an estimated $95.4 million. (On Saturday, the film looked to earn north of $120 million over the long holiday weekend but domestic estimates shifted.)

With the success at the box office parents have been flocking to stores to snatch up merchandise with the new Ariel but, what they've been finding has left them wanting. There's tons of new merchandise but with the old version of Ariel on them.

Countless people we've talked to and thousands on Twitter have all shared the same feelings as the young girl in this video. Where is the merch with Halle on it?

It appears that some areas were flooded with inventory while others were left high and dry. One other told us that the theater where she took her daughter didn't have any signage, other than a poster outside of the theater, and no large cardboard cut-outs like the ones we've seen online and in large cities.

"Other theaters in different cities truly went all put and capitalized on the historical moment to make sure their patrons get the most bang foe their buck," Selina Cotton reported "I think this happens a lot locally in this area (northeast Ohio) with black films to be specific."

That is something we've heard echoed far too long and from too many different corners of the earth. While there have been reports that WalMart has merchandise, there's a video showing a shopper hiding the merchandise, along with LGBT+ merch, in a Target store. The only places we've seen with full shelves are major cities and, of course, Disney World!

Not only was the merchandise missed on the shelves but also in the theaters. Plenty of people were upset that there were no popcorn containers, or other promotional materials, with the movie artwork on it.

This oversight was most noted in Cinemark theaters while AMC seemed to have everything!

We hope this movie continues to do well in the box office, especially since there was racial backlash but, more importantly because the cast and crew deserve it!

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