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Did You Know Twerking Had Ties to Black History? Three Atlanta Business Women Tie Fun, Fitness and the African Diaspora into a Brand New Venture.

What happens when friendship, fun and history mesh together? An interactive, immersive experience like you've never thought imaginable. Just in time for Black History Month comes a lesson is African Diasporic dance that promotes self love!

Twerkingo, a game that not only teaches the art of twerking, but it's historical connections, has exploded onto the scene offering friend groups, and those flying solo, endless hours of fun and fitness. The best part, it's all organized by certified Twerk Technicians! Yes, you read that right. There are actual people trained in the art of twerking!

Celebrity trainer and choreographer Torwa Joe, founded the Twerk Technicians, a dance certification program for twerk instructors that explores the origins of twerking and teaches twerk moves from around the world. She created the Twerkingo Game as a fun way to learn the moves and their names.

Joe then teamed up with TheTwerk Museum™ owners, Nikki St.John and Kiara Mahan, to create Twerk Museum themed Twerkingo Game cards. Torwa Joe owns Vertical Joe's dance studio in Atlanta, popular for teaching twerk choreography and pole acrobatics since 2009. Clients include cast members on Stars P-Valley, Ushers Las Vegas Residency, Real Housewives of Atlanta and more. 

"I want to share the rich history stripped from our ancestors during slavery and colonization, reconnect to our African heritage and reclaim the meaning behind our ancestral dances with a new sense of pride," says Nikki St. John.

Check out their game night teaser!

When I sat down to talk with Joe, St. John and Mahan, I never dreamed I'd learn more about myself than I would about a fun fitness game. These women really know what they're talking about when it comes to the body, the benefits of connecting with your roots and ways that dancing can improve your life both spiritually and physically. This experience is more than just a bunch of people shaking their tail feathers for fun, it's a way to release trauma, build self esteem, gain confidence and. . . win prizes! Oh, did I forget to mention that? Yes, there are unique prizes that can only be won by attending a Twerkingo Game Night!

These women are intentional and deliberate about everything they do when it comes to helping others better themselves and, they do it all in the spirit of love and so much fun. Take a look at the main reasons why you and your friends should attend a Twerkingo Game Night!

You can find out more about the Twerkingo Game, and The Twerk Museum, on their official website by clicking here. From their website you can also sign up to attend a Twerkingo Game Night both physically and virtually! The Twerk Museum is slated to open this summer!


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