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Date 'Em All Sis! Lifetime to Premiere a New Show Where One Woman Dates FIVE Men. "5 Guys a Week"!

If you read my book, "Sometimes, Sis, it's You!" then you'll know I applaud, and encourage, women who choose to date more than one man at a time. It keeps you from putting all of your eggs in the wrong basket and it also helps to to see who's a better fit for you without wasting a lot of valuable time. To learn more about that subject, grab "Sometimes, Sis, it's You!" available on Amazon, or get a signed copy. Now, on to why Lifetime is the G.O.A.T. for their new show. . .

Lifetime's new show "Five Guys a Week" is a spin on the "bachelor and bachelorette theory" that takes five men and moves them into one house with a woman who's looking for Mr. Right.

In the totally immersive social experiment that redefines relationship television, Five Guys a Week, one adventurous and very eligible lady invites five bachelors to move into her home. With the men comes dating chaos: crowded bathrooms, sleeping on the floor, cooking and sharing meals together— and of course cocktail hour— as each guy vies for attention in the hope of being The One!

Over the week, the Lifetime audience will have a front row seat as cameras capture 24/7 all the genuine wooing, games, drama and twists… but above all else, the romance. Each hour with her guys is crucial, as the leading lady needs to eliminate a prospect one at a time throughout the week… a heart-wrenching decision (or, at times, an easy one). Viewers will see her invite friends and family in for advice, but in the end she controls her fate deciding which of her five guys has her heart.

We've seen the first episode and, trust us, you're not going to want to miss this!

Tune in every Wednesday, starting July 13, for a new story, a new woman and five guys vying for her love.

Five Guys a Week is produced by Fremantle’s Original Productions for Lifetime. The series is executive produced by Jeff Hasler, Brian Lovett, Ernie Avila and Roy Orecchio for Original Productions, while Amy Winter, Brie Bryant, Shura Davison and Cat Rodriguez executive produce for Lifetime.

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