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"CTRL+ALT+DESIRE" Three-Part Docuseries Tells the Story of Grant Amato, a Tale of Deep Digital Addiction and aDistorted Reality Leading to Obsession, Deceit And a Family Murder.

Paramount+ announced today that the three-part docuseries CTRL+ALT+DESIRE will premiere exclusively on the service, beginning Tuesday, April 16. Following director Colin Archdeacon’s relentless years-long investigation of the shocking killings that rocked a quiet Florida town, CTRL+ALT+DESIRE opens a dark door to the haunting case of Grant Amato, a 29-year-old Florida man accused of murdering his own family execution style for the love of a cam girl.


Unraveling Amato’s story – one that sits squarely at the intersection of technology and loneliness – CTRL+ALT+DESIRE exposes a chilling tale of addiction, deceit and online obsession. Amato’s life descended into chaos when he stumbled into the world of live-stream cam models and immediately fell head over heels in love with Silvie, a Bulgarian cam girl. The series taps into four years of prison phone calls recorded from a contraband cell phone and clues scattered across Florida, Eastern Europe and the deep web to reveal a story far more complex than expected.


Highly educated and charismatic, Amato didn’t fit the typical profile of a federal inmate, but a series of professional missteps steered him down a rabbit hole of depression, isolation and financial ruin. In a desperate bid to hold Silvie’s attention, Amato reinvented himself online, crafting a confident ‘big spender’ alter ego by stealing $200,000 from his family in the months leading up to the murders. But when his fixation with Silvie grew, his alternate reality spiraled.  CTRL+ALT+DESIRE is a gripping cautionary tale of what happens when the lines between fantasy and reality are irrevocably blurred.


CTRL+ALT+DESIRE is directed by Colin Archdeacon. Executive Producers are Barak Goodman, Dorin Razam, Zachary Herrmann and Archdeacon. For See It Now Studios, Susan Zirinsky and Terence Wrong executive produce, and Aysu Saliba and Cara Tortora are supervising producers.

Sadly, this obsession happens to more people than we could ever report on. This is a documentary we'll definitely be watching!

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