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Couple, Previously Arrested for Child Abuse, Have Their Charges Upgraded to Murder. No Body Found!

A Tulsa, Oklahoma who had originally been accused of abusing and neglecting three children has now been charged with felony murder.

John Miles and Camille Lewis are now charged with murder after one of their three children went missing sometime in 2021. The biological father of Lewis' son, Orlando Hugger 11 (pictured below), told authorities that he hadn't seen or heard from his son in two years.

The police were first tipped off by the children's grandmother, Lewis' mother, who called law enforcement on Jan. 27 to report that a child had been missing for “several years” and was possibly dead, along with reporting “serious continued sexual abuse” to another child.

The grandmother told police that Lewis, who is her daughter, left the 13-year-old girl to live with the grandmother last September. The grandmother told police that the 13-year-old was “skin and bones” from malnourishment.

According to NewsOn6, Orlando's 13-year-old sister told police that her mother (Lewis) said that he died from having a seizure. She said that she woke up one night after hearing her mother crying and begging her brother to "wake up, but he never did". According to the police, she said that her mom later told her that the boy had a seizure and died, and they did not take him to the hospital because they did not want to get in trouble. The girl said her mother told her Miles and his cousin buried the boy in a nearby park. Lewis said they worried the grave was too shallow, so they dug him up and brought him back to the house where they burned his body in a barrel and dumped the ashes in the drainage system.

Lewis is facing charges over allegations that include starvation and beatings while Miles faces additional charges of sexual abuse of his step-daughter.

This is such a sad case. Police have not been able to find Orlando's body but, the believe, they have enough evidence to put both Lewis and Miles away for the crimes.



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