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Buffalo Woman and Her Boyfriend Hailed as Heroes After Saving a Complete Stranger During a Storm!

During one of the worst storms that Buffalo, New York has ever seen, a storm that left the entire city snowed in, stranded and several dead, one couple managed to save a man's life.

Well into the storm, just before Christmas, Sha'Kyra Aughtry, a mother of three, says that she heard cries for help outside in the storm. When she looked outside of her house she saw an elderly man "blowing" around in the street in front of her home. Her boyfriend, Trent, ran outside and carried the stranger into the house. That's where this story of bravery and kindness begins.

The stranger, who they later identified as 64-year-old Joe White, is mentally disabled and had gotten trapped in the storm as he attempted to go to work. Aughtry, without hesitation, cared for Joe until things started taking a turn for the worse. He had been covered in ice when they found him and his extremities weren't doing so well. We will warn you that the video does contain footage of Joe's hands which may be disturbing to some.

His hands were brutally frostbitten, and emergency vehicles had no way of reaching her location. Without hesitation, she put aside her family's plans for Christmas and treated his sores as best she could. Aughtry, who isn't a trained medical professional, says that she sought help virtually from family members and doctors on how to care for Joe and keep him comfortable.

Aughtry was able to ask Joe questions and he gave her the telephone number for his sister who she called for help as well. His sister said that Joe works at The North Park Theater so his sister believes he went there Thursday, got scared and stayed over, and then decided to walk back to his home.

Joe, who lives at a group home facility, was trying his best to make it home when the storm became to bearable. Confused, he did the only thing he could think of and that was to cry out for help.

As the storm wound down, she rallied the support of strangers online, and she found a way to get Joe to ECMC.

This desperate plea was posted to Aughtry's Facebook page and shared with thousands within hours.

After this call for help, the community rallied around Aughtry and got her the help that she needed! Strangers in the community braved the snow banks with plows and trucks to dig the couple out of their home to make sure that Joe was taken to the hospital.

Aughtry stayed with Joe the entire time and made sure that he was calm, safe and above all cared for. If this doesn't restore your faith in humanity, and let you know that there are STILL good people in the world, we don't know what will. This one made us cry.

The couple have been hailed as heroes and Joe's sister says that without their help and loving kindness her brother would have surely died.

Although they did this as an act of kindness from their hearts, we know that this was a hard task and they deserve a hero's reward. A verified GoFundMe campaign has been opened to thank Sha'Kyra and Trent for their selfless acts of kindness in helping Joe. There is also a GoFundMe campaign to help with Joe's recovery. We humbly ask that you support these campaigns by donating, if you can, and sharing this story.


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