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Bounce's "Saints and Sinners" Gears Up for Shocking Sixth, and Final, Season Premiere!

BounceTV's hit drama Saints & Sinners is preparing to drop their sixth, and possibly most explosive, season! If you're not familiar with the series (gasp) we'll catch you up really quickly!

A Southern Baptist church and its surrounding community are entrenched in a world of crime, lust, deceit, and greed.

With a history stretching over several generations, Greater Hope Baptist Church and its surrounding community are a family in themselves. However, in this family, love and loyalty have become tainted by lust, greed, and deeply ingrained secrets. With the return of a prodigal son and a shocking crime that rattles the core of the community, mysteries begin to unravel that could demolish the very heart of the church and shatter the lives of those within it. Bounce TV

That description doesn't even cover all of the murder, fiery explosions and baby stealing! That's right, we said someone was stealing, AND SELLING, babies! Check out the season six promo below!

We caught up with the cast os Saints & Sinners this week, just ahead of the season premiere, to check in on them and see how they feel about this high powered drama coming to an end. Donna Briscoe (right), who plays Lady Leona Byrd the mother of Vanessa Bell Calloway's Mayor Ella Johnson, described the cast of the show as a "family" and said that they've become such a part of her life that it'll be hard to not see them every day. Briscoe plays a headstrong matriarch who stops at nothing to get what she wants and what she feels is best for her family. A stark comparison to the sweet and kind woman that she actually is.

Bell Calloway (left) says that the show has been "quite a blessing and a lot of fun." She went on to say that she was "very grateful for six seasons but" she wishes there had been "more publicity" initially because people are just finding out about the series on Hulu and now it's ending. Bell Calloway plays the corrupt Mayor who has her hand in just about every single business in the small town. Mayor Johnson and Lady Leona often butt heads but, in the end, the two always find a way to work together to accomplish whatever scheme is at hand.

What series would be complete without an arch nemesis to the head honcho? Enter Clifton Powell (right), known for his role as Cuddy in Dead Presidents and Pinky in the Friday series, Powell is a seasoned actor and plays a bad boy like none other. A role, he reminds us, that is far from who he really is as well. "I've never been arrested or been in trouble in my life," Powell says "I've just had good training as an actor." Training that we admit, has had us wondering if he really was as bad as he plays. Powell plays Rex Fisher who is a pain in Lady Leona's behind but a sometime bedfellow of Mayor Johnson.

When asked to sum up the sixth season Bell Calloway says simply in three words "Last Man Standing" or "Best Man Wins" which leaves loyal viewers guessing at which bad guy comes out on top. Jasmine Burke, who plays Christie Johnson, says that she would describe the final season as "unfinished, unexpected hotness. We burn you up and leave you in a pure crisp." She also states that the series is ending on a high and leaves room for spinoffs.

Could there be a spinoff or a continuation of the series? The show's Executive Producer, Nigel Campbell, said "Who knows, maybe we'll be back" when asked if there's hope of the show returning or a possible spinoff in the future. Hopefully, we viewers and fans of the show can sway this one. This show is too hot to just go up in smoke!

Saints & Sinners Season 6 will premiere on BounceTV at 8 PM on April 3 and every Sunday thereafter. The previous seasons are available for streaming anytime on Bounce’s streaming service, Brown Sugar and Hulu.


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