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"Black Panther" and "The Color Purple" Actress Crushed and Pinned Under a Vehicle After a Hit and Run Accident!

Just after the release of the second most successful film of her career, actress Carrie Bernans is fighting for her life!

On New Year's Day Bernans, and several other people, were hit by a driver who was going the wrong way. PIX11 reports that cops were flagged down after two people got into a fight near 34th Street and Seventh Avenue at around 1:30 a.m., according to the NYPD. One of the officers tried to intervene when a man, 44, got into a black car and drove the wrong way down Seventh Avenue. The driver allegedly hit several people before he was stopped near 34th Street and Ninth Avenue, police said.

The driver jumped the curb and hit police cars, a restaurant awning, and a food truck, where Bernans, 39, was pinned, authorities said. Bernans, six other pedestrians, an officer and the driver suffered non-life-threatening injuries, police said.

Her mother made a statement via Bernans' Instagram account saying "Please keep Carrie in your thoughts and prayers. She’s in so much pain but healing. She was involved in a traumatic incident in NYC where a man, early 40s was trying to escape a hit and run and ran into multiple cars before hitting a food stand that her friend & her were walking near. It ended up knocking her unconscious and pended her under the stand. She was under it unaware of what was happening.

She have a few broken bones, fractures, & chipped teeth but thanking God that she’s alive. Nine people were injured in his attempted escape from the hit & run, including 3 police officers. Police caught him shortly after and arrested him. Amidst the chaos of the New Year's incident, she’s holding onto an immense sense of gratitude for life itself."

Bernans' mother also shared photos and videos of her daughter's battered, bruised and bloody face and broken teeth. Bernans, who makes her living as a professional stuntwoman, is not capable of walking unassisted just yet but she has made some minor improvements.

A GoFundMe campaign has been organized to help Bernans offset the cost of medical bills and expenses she will incur during her recovery.


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