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Adoptive Parents of Boy Found Dead Inside a Washing Machine Arrested Months Later for Murder.

What initially appeared to be a freak accident has now developed into something more sinister.

On July 28, 2022 a little boy named Troy Koehler was reported missing by his adoptive parents. After a brief search of the neighborhood and the family's home the police found the child dead inside of a washing machine in their garage.

Jermaine Thomas, the adoptive father of Troy, 7, said he could not find the 7-year-old after returning home just before midnight the night before. That’s when he said he noticed his front door was unlocked.

"It's just that I came home, I was fixin’ to walk in the door like right now, I don't have my keys but I put my keys to the door handle and then it just open,” he said. “Anything else after that, I don't know."

At the time, few had suspicions about the child's death but, there was admittedly some cause for concern. Texas CPS said that they'd had "history with the family" but wouldn't elaborate.

Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said an autopsy revealed that Khoeler had suffered both new and old injuries before his body was found in the washing machine. He went on record saying "this has been an extensive investigation" and that Jermaine, 42, and Tiffany Thompson, 35, have been arrested and charged with the murder of their son.

Jermaine Thomas has been charged with capital murder and Tiffany Thomas has been charged with injury to a child by omission, according to the sheriff.

The investigation is still ongoing.


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