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Brandy Drops a New Single "Baby Mama" Featuring Chance The Rapper! [LISTEN]

Singer Brandy has been slowly but surely creeping back into the public eye by way of new music and we are HERE FOR IT! She recently hopped on a song with Daniel Cesar entitled "Love Again" and it was the dreamy, soulful Brandy that we all know and love. Her newest offering, "Baby Mama" featuring Chance The Rapper, is a more upbeat tribute to single mothers. Take a listen.

If you listen closely you can hear Brandy's daughter Syrai Smith singing background vocals. Brandy's one and only child is her pride and joy. Recently the 17-year-old Syrai decided to officially follow in her mother's footsteps by releasing a single of her own. The proud mama shared the news via her Instagram.

Like mother, like daughter! Are you feeling Brandy's new single? Is this a play or a pass for you? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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