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Fantasia Bares it All on Her New Single "PTSD" Featuring T-Pain. [LISTEN]

Tis' the season for new music! Fantasia has been hitting us with ballads from her new project and we must say, that first one, "Enough", was absolutely beautiful in a lovey dovey sort of way. If you haven't heard it, get into it below.

Now Fantasia is hitting us with a "boy you thought!" single with her new release "PTSD". The soulstress serves notice to men who think they're just going to run all over women and get away with it unchecked! Check out these lyrics:

"Baby, save all that weak shit for your Mama

Baby, save all that weak shit for your boss at work

Had one job, couldn't do it, she fumbled

You was talkin' like you was gon' be something,

oohI gave it to you but you messed it up

Wasn't good enough

One thing I won't do is be with anyone

'Cause I'm not for everyone"

Whew, take a listen to the whole track!

We don't' know who, or what, she used for inspiration for this song but music is definitely therapeutic!

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