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Maleah Davis to be Laid to Rest in a Custom "My Little Pony" Casket.

Almost two months after little Maleah Davis was reported missing, her body will finally be laid to rest.

Maleah Davis was reported missing on May 4th after her "stepfather", Derion Vence, claims he was accosted by three Hispanic men who knocked him unconscious, abducted him, his one-year-old son and four-year-old Maleah. Vence claimed that he woke up, briefly, and noticed that he was in the back of a blue pickup truck but passed out again. He said he never fully regained consciousness until 24 hours AFTER the abduction and, when he did, he was on the side of the road with only his one-year-old son with him. Maleah was no where to be found.

He allegedly walked to a nearby hospital to receive treatment for his head injury and reported Maleah missing there.

Every part of that story was determined to be a lie.

Surveillance cameras outside of their home last showed Maleah entering their apartment on April 30th. She was never seen alive again. Vence, however, was seen carrying gallons of bleach, walking with his son and finally exiting the apartment carrying a laundry basket with a trash bag inside.

Once the search for Maleah Davis began, so did the digging into the little girl's past. Maleah, and her older brothers, had been removed from the family home last August when Maleah suffered a traumatic brain injury from suspected abuse. Her mother, Brittany Bowens, was instructed to attend parenting classes. The children were returned to her care, in the same home structure that Maleah was abused in, just three months before she was murdered.

It is important that we tell you Derion Vence has maintained his innocence even after Maleah's body was found in a location that he allegedly referenced. Even after Maleah's mother, who needs to face charges as well, made other abuse allegations against him.


On May 31st Maleah Davis' body was found in a trash bag, on the side of the road, nearly 300 miles from her home in the state of Arkansas. This week, she will finally be laid to rest.

Maleah Davis' father, Craig Davis, took to his Instagram to release the first pictures of Maleah's customized tiny casket bearing her picture and her favorite "My Little Pony" characters.

The inside of the casket has rainbow pastel pillows and even more of Maleah's favorite characters. The bottom of the casket bears her full name, Maleah Lynn Davis.

To see a casket this small is hurtful but knowing how this child met her untimely end is unbearable.

Derion Vence remains in jail on the charges of tampering with a corpse. There have been no charges filed against her mother Brittany Bowens for neglecting to protect her daughter.


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