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Houston Father Charged with Murdering Days Old Daughter!


These crimes against children seem to be happening all over the globe but we swear Houston is vying for the top spot on the offenders list!

A 15-day-old baby girl died January 30th of this year from what medical authorities are calling "non-accidental" injuries. Like Maleah Davis, this baby suffered from bleeding on the brain and skull fractures.

Her father, 21-year-old Adrian Lizcano, is charged with murder in connection to the girl’s death.


"It started Jan. 29, when Lizcano and his wife took their two small children to Target on the North Freeway. In addition to the 15-day-old girl, the couple also shares a 2-year-old daughter. They lived with Lizcano’s mother and uncle in north Houston.

But the wife was arrested at the Target for theft and taken to the Harris County jail, leaving the children in the custody of Lizcano.

It wasn’t until after midnight when the baby was discovered not breathing. Lizcano’s mother and uncle took the infant to Memorial Heights hospital.

Nurses told one Houston police officer the infant arrived there without a pulse.

Police said Lizcano told inconsistent stories about how the baby sustained multiple skull fractures and hemorrhaging from the brain. He blamed the 2-year-old for dropping her little sister, telling officers that they frequently allowed the toddler to carry the newborn, which was refuted by the mother, who later told police the toddler was never allowed to hold the infant.

Police also determined it was unlikely for the 2-year-old to carry the infant in the way Lizcano described. The medical examiner who conducted the autopsy also said the injuries were not consistent with Lizcano’s explanation.

Charges against Lizcano were filed Wednesday. He was booked into jail Thursday, records show."

The baby's mother also gave another possible motive for Lizcano harming the baby. Although they were married, he believed that the baby had been fathered by someone else.

Although this little girl has been laid to rest, she still deserves justice.


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