Maleah Davis Last Seen Alive Early in the Morning Days Before She "Disappeared". [CORRECTI

Missing Texas toddler, Maleah Davis, was last seen alive 4 days before her "disappearance".

Maleah had been staying with her stepfather, while her mother was attending her father's funeral in Massachusetts. Derion Vence, the boyfriend of Maleah's mother Brittany Bowens, was the adult caretaker for Maleah (who was not his biological child) and her younger brother (his biological child).

Vence claims that on his way to pick up Bowens from the airport, he stopped to check a tire and was approached by three Hispanic men. One of the men knocked him unconscious and when he woke up, on the side of the road with his young son, 24 HOURS LATER, Maleah was gone.

That story has never rang true for anybody who heard it and the more details we've learned we believe Vence to be the culprit in Maleah's disappearance, and possible death.

Vence has claimed that he left his apartment with both Maleah and her brother but a neighbor's surveillance video begs to differ. The same camera that caught Vence entering his apartment with bottles of bleach and exiting with a garbage bag in a laundry basket, also recorded Maleah in front of the apartment shortly after 8am on April 30th, four days before she was reported missing.

Vence is seen coming and going from the apartment on May 3rd during his cleaning spree and then, around 6:47pm the time he says he was headed to the airport, he's seen leaving the apartment with his young son. Maleah was NOT with him at the time.

At this point we're side-eyeing every single adult in this case. There have been outcries from the public wanting to know why Maleah's biological father, Craig Davis Jr., didn't have custody of his two children (Maleah and an older brother) with Bowens and we've found the answers to that.

According to Click2Houston:

"Court documents said Maleah and her older brother were physically abused and neglected by Bowens and Davis In another section of the court documents, a doctor couldn't confirm whether Maleah's injuries were caused by abuse and Bowens was in parenting classes.

"Brittany Bowens has engaged in a history or pattern of child abuse and child neglect," court documents said. "Craig Davis has engaged in a history or pattern of child abuse and child neglect."

A CPS Custody hearing was scheduled for May 22, according to court documents."

A family court judge released Maleah and her brother to return to their house of horrors in February under supervision. It's CLEAR these children never should have returned.

Maleah's mother has now been joined by Community Activist Quanell X and zipped her lips. Quanell X is now speaking on her behalf and the story he's telling is damaging to both sides.

Quanell X also claims that Bowens knew of the abuse her daughter was suffering, and because she had been a victim of childhood abuse herself, did little to nothing to stop it. Bowens has accused Vence of sexually and physically assaulting her child. . .

Let that sit for a moment. . .

She claims they had an argument before she left for Massachusetts because she found pictures of his genitalia on his phone and