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Jill Scott Makes Gets a Little Wild on Stage! "Air Sucks" a Mic and Leaves Fans Speechless

Lord have mercy, Jill Scott dun got divorced and is letting her whole "Freak Flag Fly" on stage! After doing a little "mic trick" last night Jill Scott took to Twitter to explain her actions to her fans in a way that only she can!

It was a very poetic way of saying "Hey, I put folks in the mood!" and we're sure some of the men in the audience could "amen" that point! What exactly did she do? Well, take a look.

Ok Jilly from Philly! The good citizens of Twitter went completely crazy when the video surfaced and, of course, Jill Scott was trending in more ways than one! The younger generation, who obviously look up to Scott like a lyrical "Auntie", started referring to her as #AuntieJill and the next thing you know, a movement was made!

Jill Scott definitely created some great buzz for herself with this one! In my opinion, now is the time for her to drop a brand new single to ride the wave out!

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